Burial or cremation?

The choice between burial or cremation of a loved one is a very personal matter, and one on which different factors, such as religion, family and the wishes of the deceased, will have an influence.

If you are contemplating burial, you will need to consider where the burial site will be, the cost and availability of plots at your preferred location, and whether the funeral service might be held in the local church or at the graveside. The reopening of an existing family grave might also be a consideration if your family has one.

For a cremation, you will need to decide whether to hold the funeral service at the crematorium, or to hold it elsewhere such as a church before moving on for the cremation.

Whichever option you choose, Newcastle Family Funeral Directors will make all the necessary arrangements with the crematorium, cemetery or churchyard on your behalf, and will ensure they are fully aware of your individual wishes.