Funeral In Church

There are hundreds of churches in the area,of different denominations, and you are entitled to have a funeral in your local church if you so wish.

A service in church can be held immediately before moving on to the cemetery or crematorium,with the coffin in attendance. Alternatively you can choose to have a short service at the crematorium or cemetery first for close family and friends and then have a bigger service in church afterwards. This service in church can be titled either,a memorial service,celebration of life or simply funeral service.If you choose to have proceedings this way then there would be no coffin in church for the service although we find that families often like the flowers from the coffin to be present in church.

The length of the funeral service can be up to you,it can be as short or as detailed as you want it to be. Order of service sheets can be made up to include photos and details of hymns to be sung, readings etc and where you might be going to afterwards for refreshments. All this can be done with guidance from your local priest or vicar.

Naturally if your relative or friend who has died is a regular church goer then you will know the church you wish to have the funeral in and we can advise on all options available to you if you are not sure of churches in your area. Sometimes a family would like the funeral in a particular church because of connections regarding marriage,christenings and other important memories.

A fee is normally payable which covers costs including heating,organist,vicars fees etc and this is normally paid on your behalf by the funeral directors to the church concerned.