A Non Religious Funeral

The idea of having a non religious funeral is something that more and more families are choosing to have, and we have seen a big increase in this type of service over the last couple of years. A Humanist Funeral or A Celebration Of Life is based on non religious beliefs. It covers the life of the person who has died in different sections,namely Family, friends, work, childhood, retirement, hobbies etc.

The service will be created after the humanist or celebrant meets up with you to discuss your wishes for the content of the funeral service.The meeting and content of the service will be as detailed as you want it to be. The service can include a detailed eulogy of the persons achievements as well as favourite music,poems,anecdotes and also family and friends can speak if they wish to. And for those attending who do have religious beliefs then a few minutes of silence is included within the service for their contemplation. In reality, a truly individual and unique presentation will be created for your loved one.

We are privileged to have many excellent celebrants here in the North East who we can ask to help families with a funeral, all very different in the way they present the Funeral. As Funeral Directors we always do our best to match the officiant with your particular needs enabling you to have a special funeral.

We are also pleased to work with Stevie Glover who has been voted in September 2016 best funeral celebrant in Britain at The Good Funeral Awards in London.
Well Done Stevie.