When someone dies away from home, either abroad or within the UK and you want to have the funeral in our area or when someone needs to be repatriated abroad or transferred to another part of the country we are here to give advice.

The circumstances for a repatriation will be completely unique to any other and often can be quite complex, therefore detailed information will need to be obtained from you and we will then be able to give you the full advice needed to help finalise the repatriation. If you are also away from this area then we can arrange everything via e-mail or telephone until you return home.

We will be in contact with coroners, consuls, hospitals and all other relevant authorities to ease as best we can in the circumstances, the return of your relative to where the funeral will take place or to where the final resting place will be. Both our offices are close to Newcastle airport and we use specialist vehicles for repatriation by road in this country. We are always available to offer advice at any time. Philip Harrison and Richard Bird personally carry out these arrangements for you.